AB Resources is a privately-held oil and gas company operating in the Appalachian Basin region.  The Company pursues a growth strategy that targets acquisition opportunities and a continuous effort to drill new wells in some of the most productive formations in the United States.  Achieving ongoing professional success and developing dynamic new energy reserves may define our primary objectives.  However, AB Resources also remains dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of land and environment while engaging in safe oil and gas exploration and production at all times.  We care about your property!

AB Resources is aggressively moving forward with an increasing number of new drilling initiatives while maintaining hundreds of unconventional Marcellus and Upper Devonian wells.  AB Resources is committed to fast-track expansion accompanied by strategic and financial value creation.  The Company takes great pride in its current producing properties which are characterized by long-lived and established production profiles.  In addition, AB Resources will continue to practice the highest standards for industrial safety, environmental consciousness and eco-green healthiness, while providing professional integrity and customer service second to none.